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In your Twenties, Thirties, Forties?

You are an

Adult Less than Fifty


The Young Adults group at Emmanuel

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Our Mission:

The responsibility of the Young Adults Commission is to plan and promote spiritual and social activities for Emmanuel
parishioners, post high-school through 40 something's.


ALFs host a number of activities on a regular basis: Drive-thru Breakfast, Sports Sunday, BUBBLES Draft, Wine Tastings, Pizza Dinners, Game Nights, and so much more, with nursery care provided when noted! 

ALF Cafe is our Sunday morning group for young adults.
Have a nice cuppa’ Java, a sweet, and a chance to just sit, breathe and chat with your friends for a few minutes. Participate in an interactive, Sunday morning, faith-based coffee house with lively and engaging discussion around relevant issues in your lives and in the world. No stress, no prep, no homework…just drop in and tune in at the Alf Café! 

bubbles BUBBLES - (Biblical Understanding thru Budweiser, Barnuts, Laughter,
xplanations and Suds) -
a weekday evening fellowship and discussion group.
Bubbles Draft is for ALF ages 21-49.
We meet at Salvatore's Pizzeria on the fall and winter and on the patio of El Grand Rodeo in the spring and summer. See our Bubbles Facebook page. for topics and dates.

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“Adults Less than Fifty (ALF)/Young Adults at Emmanuel”
Join our group – a great way to stay current with the goings on.