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Our Beliefs

Welcome to the Episcopal Church! Here you will find a widely diverse group of people, made up of Christians who try to live their lives with integrity and purpose, serving God, each other, and the world. Theologically, we travel the “via media,” or “middle way,” between the Roman Catholic and Protestant faith traditions. On the one hand, we are liturgical and sacramental, meaning that we celebrate the Holy Eucharist (Mass, Lord’s Supper) every week with scripture, song, and Holy Communion. On the other hand, we do not have a pope, we do have male, female and married clergy, and we are part of the Anglican Communion—a worldwide association of churches in full communion with the Church of England. As to the big question: “Are we liberal or conservative?” the answer is Yes! The Episcopal Church, widely viewed as a progressive denomination due to our openness to the LGBTQ community, embraces members from across the political spectrum, and members of our church find their point of unity at the communion rail—not through strict adherence to a particular doctrine. So although we are grounded in Scripture and believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we make room for the countless ways people believe in and live out their faith.


Do you believe in the Bible?

Yes! The Bible is the history of God’s relationship with God’s people, and from it we learn how we are to live, serve, and love one another. Do we believe it is literally, historically, and factually true? There are some Episcopalians who do, and many who don’t. But we all believe that the Bible transcends the modern idea of scientific, factual truth and contains a message that is to transform our lives. Scripture shapes and forms us as followers of Jesus Christ, inspiring and guiding us to live as He did, and to love others as He loves us. Therefore, Scripture is an important part of our worship, our study and our sermons, and it is at the heart of all we do.

What resources do you use for services?

The Episcopal church uses The Book of Common Prayer as its main resource. In this book can be found services for all manner of Episcopal life - rites for Eucharist, Feasts and Holy Days, Morning and Evening Prayer, and special services such as weddings, baptism, and funerals, prayers for all sorts of occasions and purposes, the Psalter, historical documents outlining our faith, and much more. Other authorized resources, such as Enriching Our Worship or The New Zealand Prayer Book, may be used on occasion. We sing from a wide range of musical choices, but the 1982 Hymnal and a binder of selected songs are our main sources of worship music.

Can I receive communion in the Episcopal Church?

Yes! All are welcome at the table, regardless of denomination, marital status, or identity—the Episcopal Church does not impose the limitations that may be practiced by other denominations.

What about scripture selection and sermon topics?

The Episcopal Church uses the Revised Common Lectionary. Scripture readings are appointed for each Sunday and for other occasions, using a cycle that ensures that a wide selection from the entire Bible is employed on a regular basis. Sermons are usually connected to one or more of the scriptures for the day. We preach the Word of God.

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